Subcontract CNC Milling Services

Our CNC Milling services are characterised by short and responsive lead times, ensuring that your projects move swiftly from concept to completion. Whether you require low volume prototyping or medium volume production, we specialise in delivering excellence across on every component we machine.

We guarantee tight tolerance parts, meeting the most demanding specifications. Trust us to deliver components with the utmost accuracy and consistency. Your most challenging projects are in capable hands!

High Surface Finish Guaranteed

Meeting your exacting requirements with our commitment to achieving a high surface finish. Post production processes typically include anodising, chemical blacking, heat treatment & zinc plating.

MRN Engineering ensures that your milled parts not only meet technical requirements but also exceed aesthetic expectations.

We also have a laser engraving machine to fully finish each component.

Engineering Design

Market Sectors

Explore the possibilities with our CNC Milling services – where precision, speed, and versatility converge for exceptional results.

Precision parts for the automotive industry, meeting the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Delivering components that withstand the extreme conditions of motorsport applications.

Manufacturing parts for push bikes, mountain bikes (MTB), and electric bikes with a focus on durability and performance.

Meeting the evolving needs of the mobility sector through precision engineering.

Creating components for consumer goods that demand both functionality and aesthetics.

Supporting scientific advancements with precision-machined parts for research applications.