Who We Are

MRNE is a Engineering Design, Development and Manufacturing Partner. 


What We Do

MRNE are a multidisciplinary engineering design development and manufacturing partner. Taking concepts through to end products.

CNC machining to your designs. Low volume prototyping through to medium volume production. 

Design, product and manufacturing support, do you have an idea and want to take it to prototyping and beyond we can help you.



Our main equipment

Doosan DNM 5700, 12000 rpm spindle, through spindle coolant, 3 axis with 1050 in X 570 in Y and 510 in Z

Coupled to our Lynx a Hydrafeed barfeed, We can now offer low volume prototyping and  longer run production parts.

Dooan Lynx 2100LYA Lathe we have a three jaw chuck and Hainbuch collet chuck with max 52mm bar capacity, Y axis and driven tools.

Aberlink CMM  in our dedicated metrology room.

We've invested in lots of auxillary equipment to ensure interuption free work

Fusion 360, we use Fusion 360 for all of our design and CAM work

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